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Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer / Blog / Drug Trafficking / Cutting Cocaine in Fort Lauderdale: Can It Lead to Lesser Sentences?

Cutting Cocaine in Fort Lauderdale: Can It Lead to Lesser Sentences?


According to InSight Crime, the purity of cocaine in the United States is “continuously decreasing.” This lack of purity is something that many recreational users and low-level dealers have come to accept, and it is virtually unheard of for these individuals to come across 100% pure cocaine in Fort Lauderdale. This is of course due to the ubiquitous practice of “cutting cocaine” with various agents and additives. While it is true that cutting cocaine can reduce quality, it can also reduce potential drug trafficking sentences in Fort Lauderdale.

Dealers Often Cut Cocaine with Non-Illegal Additives 

Dealers often cut cocaine with perfectly legal substances. According to the Laguna Treatment Hospital, these additives are often household goods. A particularly common choice is flour, although other dealers may favor baking soda or talcum powder. Still others turn to substances like boric acid or levamisole. The goal is to increase the net weight of the pure cocaine, leading to higher profits on each sale.

The Police May Have Questionable Weight Calculation Methods 

The police often have questionable weight calculation methods when approaching trafficking cases. In many of these cases, they weigh total cocaine evidence without considering the possibility of additives. Often, the presence of these additives only becomes clear after defendants fight for their rights alongside qualified attorneys.

Most defendants know that their potential penalties depend on the net weight of the substances found in their possession. Sometimes, a few milligrams can mean the difference between a simple possession charge or a trafficking offense. As a result, it may be beneficial to have the cocaine tested for non-illegal additives such as flour. These additives can then be separated from the pure cocaine – reducing the net weight for revised calculations.

It is also worth noting that in many cases, defendants may have no idea that their cocaine has been cut. Many higher-level dealers lie to lower-level purchasers, telling them that the product is pure when it has been heavily cut with an additive. Even if you’re not sure whether your cocaine has been cut with these additives, it makes sense to demand a thorough lab test.

Cut Cocaine Can Also Lead to Higher Penalties 

Conversely, the process of cutting cocaine can also lead to more severe penalties. If you cut your cocaine with a harder drug – such as fentanyl – you might experience heightened consequences as a result. Therefore, the process of cutting cocaine can be something of a double-edged sword in drug trafficking cases.

Find a Qualified Drug Trafficking Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale 

If you have been searching for a qualified, experienced drug trafficking lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, look no further than Haber Blank. With our help, you can strive for optimal results after facing drug trafficking charges. Separating pure cocaine from non-illegal additives is only one potential defense strategy in this situation. To discuss the most appropriate legal steps based on your unique circumstances, book a consultation today.




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