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Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer / Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Closing & Litigation Lawyer

Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Closing & Litigation Lawyers

At Haber Blank, LLP, we understand the intricate legal environment of real estate transactions in Florida. Our proficient team of attorneys, with their diverse expertise, provides a comprehensive range of services. This includes handling real estate closings, mitigating and resolving real estate disputes, and managing residential and commercial lease transactions. For help with your real estate transaction, dispute, or other aspect of real estate ownership in South Florida, call Haber Blank, LLP, to discuss your needs with our skilled and experienced Fort Lauderdale real estate closing & litigation lawyers.

Help With Real Estate Closings in Fort Lauderdale

The process of closing a real estate deal in Florida is a multi-step process that demands meticulous attention to detail. A qualified real estate lawyer can guide you through every step, providing invaluable insights and ensuring the process runs smoothly. Haber Blank, LLP, can assist you with all of the following as needed.

  1. Contract Negotiation and Execution: The first step in any real estate transaction is the negotiation of the purchase agreement. An experienced lawyer will ensure that the contract is fair and protects your interests.
  2. Title Search and Examination: After the contract is executed, the title of the property is searched and examined. Our attorneys will identify any potential issues or encumbrances, such as liens, easements, or deed restrictions, that could affect the transaction.
  3. Financing and Approval: If a mortgage is involved, the lender will require various documents and inspections. Having a real estate attorney in your corner can help you navigate this often complex process.
  4. Preparing Closing Documents: Numerous legal documents need to be prepared, reviewed, and signed at closing. These may include the deed, bill of sale, affidavit of title, and more.
  5. Closing: At closing, the buyer signs the loan documents, pays the purchase price, and the seller delivers the deed. A real estate attorney can ensure that everything is in order, providing peace of mind and dealing with any unexpected issues that arise.

Litigating and Resolving Real Estate Disputes

Real estate transactions can sometimes lead to disputes. These could range from simple contract disagreements to complex property boundary issues. They might involve residential or commercial properties, buyers or sellers, landlords or tenants. As experienced litigators, we at Haber Blank, LLP, are adept at handling various real estate disputes, including those involving property rights, easements, zoning issues, and title discrepancies.

Skill and Deftness in Residential and Commercial Lease Transactions

In addition to real estate closings and litigation, we also represent landlords and tenants, as well as small and large businesses and developers, in residential and commercial lease transactions. We negotiate leases and lease-to-own agreements, always aiming to protect client rights and interests and secure the best rate and terms for our clients.

Effective Advocacy in Fort Lauderdale Landlord-Tenant Lease Disputes

Sometimes, despite the best efforts to create a fair and equitable lease agreement, disputes may arise. We handle actions against tenants for eviction and breach of lease agreements to recover unpaid rent and other damages. Simultaneously, we assist tenants with lawsuits against landlords for their failure to fulfill their obligations under the lease and to recover security deposits.

At Haber Blank, LLP, we believe that negotiation is the most effective way to resolve disputes swiftly and fairly. We strive to avoid litigation where possible, but we do not shy away from defending our clients’ rights in court when necessary.

Contact Haber Blank, LLP, Today

For more information about how our team of dedicated real estate attorneys can assist you with your real estate needs in South Florida, contact Haber Blank, LLP, today. We are here to guide you through the complex world of real estate, ensuring your transactions are legally sound and beneficial. Call our experienced Fort Lauderdale real estate closings & litigation lawyers today.