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Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer / Fort Lauderdale Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Fort Lauderdale Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers

At Haber Blank, LLP, we understand that charges of domestic violence can be deeply distressing. These accusations can have significant personal and legal consequences that permeate every aspect of your life. Our mission is to provide robust legal advocacy to clients facing such allegations, making use of our deep connections within the criminal defense legal community and extensive courtroom experience, to provide knowledgeable advice and strategic representation to achieve the most satisfactory outcome for our clients. Don’t take a domestic violence accusation lightly. Time is of the essence in developing a strong defense to these claims. Contact our dedicated Fort Lauderdale domestic violence defense lawyers for immediate assistance.

Understanding Domestic Violence in Florida

Under Florida’s domestic violence statute, domestic violence refers to any of the following offenses committed by one family or household member on another member of the family or household:

  • Assault
  • Aggravated assault
  • Battery
  • Aggravated battery
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual battery
  • Stalking
  • Aggravated stalking
  • Kidnapping
  • False imprisonment
  • Any criminal offense resulting in physical injury or death

Family or household members include spouses, former spouses, persons related by blood or marriage, people who are presently residing together as if a family or who have resided together in the past as if a family, and parents who have a child in common, regardless of whether they have been married or have lived together at any time.

Consequences of Domestic Violence Convictions

The potential penalties of a domestic violence conviction can be severe in Florida, depending on the specifics of the case. If convicted, you could face a range of consequences, including incarceration, fines, community service, and mandatory participation in a batterer’s intervention program. Further, a conviction may also lead to a loss of certain rights, such as the right to possess a firearm.

The court can also issue a permanent restraining order, which can have significant implications on your life, including your housing situation, ability to see your children, and potential employment opportunities. Additionally, the conviction will go on your permanent criminal record, which can affect future relationships, job prospects, and more. Before this can happen, however, you have the right to appear at a hearing and defend yourself with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney advocating on your behalf. Allegations of domestic violence are sometimes based on erroneous facts or misunderstandings, and a skilled defense lawyer can help keep you from being unfairly convicted or punished for actions that aren’t criminal.

Defending Your Rights: How Haber Blank Can Help

Attorney Jason Blank of Haber Blank, LLP, is a well-respected figure in the Florida legal community, with a reputation that precedes him in the courtroom. With his extensive experience, both as a public defender and in private practice, Jason has the requisite expertise and the strategic skill to handle complex domestic violence cases.

We understand that every case is unique, and we work to create personalized defense strategies that suit your situation. These defenses can range from challenging the credibility of the victim, asserting self-defense, lack of intent, or even alibi, to highlighting constitutional violations such as unlawful search and seizure.

Beyond the courtroom, we also believe in building a strong, supportive relationship with our clients. Facing a charge of domestic violence can be emotionally overwhelming, and we ensure you don’t face it alone. With Jason Blank in your corner, you have not only a trusted attorney but also a friendly, approachable ally who stands by your side, defending your rights.

Contact Haber Blank Today

At Haber Blank, LLP, we fight tirelessly to protect your rights, reputation, and future. If you or a loved one has been charged with domestic violence in Florida, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation with our skilled and experienced Fort Lauderdale domestic violence defense lawyers.