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Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer / Blog / Weapons Crime / What Happens if My Child Brings a Firearm to School in Fort Lauderdale?

What Happens if My Child Brings a Firearm to School in Fort Lauderdale?


Parents may receive phone calls from high schools for a number of reasons, but this situation can be particularly tense when firearms are involved. As a parent, you might have a million questions when you learn that your child has been caught with a firearm on school premises. This issue is unfortunately quite common in the modern era, and parents faced with this challenge must approach potential criminal charges effectively.

Teen Caught with Loaded Handgun at Fort Lauderdale 

On January 27th of 2024, NBC News reported that a student had been caught with a loaded firearm at Stranahan High School in Fort Lauderdale. The 18-year-old was promptly charged with possession of a firearm on school grounds and “disrupting a school function.” After the firearm was discovered, the entire school was placed on lockdown. Fortunately, the situation was handled by local police without incident, and no shots were fired. It is unclear why the student decided to bring the firearm onto school property. Police have launched a full investigation into this incident.

It is worth noting that the student appeared in court the very next day after the incident. This highlights how seriously authorities and courts in Fort Lauderdale take situations involving firearms in schools. The reason is somewhat obvious, as the nation has experienced several high-profile school shootings within the past few decades. As a result of this strict approach to firearms in schools, students can expect little sympathy from courts. The criminal justice system will likely take a draconian approach to send a clear message and dissuade other students from bringing firearms to schools.

What Are the Potential Criminal Charges Associated with Firearms in High Schools? 

There are numerous potential criminal charges associated with incidents involving firearms on school property. First, it is worth noting that bringing a firearm onto school property is almost always a criminal offense in Florida. It is a second degree felony that can lead to up to 15 years in prison. As noted above, defendants can also face a misdemeanor of the second degree for disrupting a school function. Perhaps most notably, the teen in the aforementioned case was 18 at the time of the offense. Anyone 18 or older can be charged as an adult in Florida, and this applies to high school seniors. Even if the child was not 18, they could potentially face charges as adults anyway at the discretion of the court.

Find a Qualified, Experienced Firearms Offense Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale 

If you have been searching for an experienced weapons crime attorney in Fort Lauderdale, look no further than Haber Blank. We know how distressing this situation can be for both minors and parents, and it is important to assess potential criminal charges as soon as possible. Book a consultation today to determine the most appropriate legal steps as you defend yourself and your child.




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