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Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer / West Palm Beach Drug Trafficking Lawyer

West Palm Beach Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Just because drug trafficking is not a violent crime in and of itself does not mean that Florida authorities or prosecutors will go easy on you. Drug trafficking, which involves the illegal sale, purchasing, or possessing of large amounts of controlled substances, is a felony. Depending on the type and quantity of controlled substances you are being charged for, you could be facing decades behind bars. Our West Palm Beach drug trafficking lawyer at Haber | Blank LLP can help you beat these charges, or have the sentencing and other penalties drastically reduced.

Drug Trafficking In Florida is a Serious Crime

Possession of drugs and drug trafficking are two very different offenses in Florida. Drug trafficking is defined as carrying out any of the following when the amount of controlled substance exceeds Florida’s threshold for possession or possession with the intent to sell:

  • Possessing
  • Purchasing
  • Selling
  • Delivering
  • Transporting
  • Manufacturing

As such, being involved with trafficking anywhere along the line (a truck driver can be charged with trafficking, not just the manufacturer or seller) is a serious crime. The difference between being charged with possession (or possession with intent to sell) and drug trafficking is the amount of narcotics. While possession of a few joints of cannabis for recreational purposes is still illegal in Florida, it would not constitute a drug trafficking offense. However, possessing more than 25 pounds, or 300 plants, would cross that threshold.

Felony Penalties for Trafficking in Florida

Florida has some of the most far-reaching drug trafficking penalties in the country, and the state seems only to be doubling down. Just recently, the drug trafficking penalties for various opioids was just increased. When it comes to trafficking, the higher the quantity of drugs, the greater the penalty. This goes for cocaine, fentanyl, methamphetamine, and all other controlled substances. The following is an example for cannabis:

  1. Over 25 pounds but under 2,000 pounds—Mandatory minimum prison sentence of three years and a fine of $25,000.
  2. Over 2,000 pounds but less than 10,000 pounds—Mandatory minimum prison sentence of seven years and a fine of $50,000.
  3. 10,000 pounds or more—Mandatory minimum prison sentence of 15 years and a fine of $200,000.

The sentencing guidelines vary based on the specific type of narcotic and the amount. For fentanyl, for example, trafficking 28-grams or more is a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years imprisonment and a $500,000 fine. Enhanced punishment can also be incurred by selling or delivering certain controlled substances to minors and meets certain other criterias, such as being branded or having cartoon logos.

Call a West Palm Beach Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer Today

Beating a drug trafficking offense is possible. It requires working with a skilled West Palm beach drug trafficking lawyer. Defense strategies can include proving unlawful search and seizure, lack of a legal search warrant, entrapment, or the defendant’s ignorance of possessing the drugs. Here at Haber | Blank LLP,  we have had drug trafficking cases dismissed on such grounds. We can help do the same for you. Call us today at 954-767-0300 to schedule a free consultation.