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Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer / Boca Raton Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Boca Raton Drug Trafficking Lawyer

While various states across the US are rolling back drug possession offenses and making it legal to purchase cannabis and other narcotics such as psilocybin, drug trafficking is still a serious state, and federal, offense here in Florida and across the nation. Drug trafficking—purchasing, possessing, or selling high amounts of illicit narcotics—in Florida can carry decades-long prison sentences; if trafficking occurs across state lines, the individual may be charged under federal law, which can involve even harsher penalties. If you are being investigated for drug trafficking, or if you have been charged and arrested for trafficking, you need an lawyer who will passionately and aggressively defend you in and out of the courtroom. The Boca Raton drug trafficking lawyer at Haber | Blank LLP is ready to take on your case and win.

What is Considered Drug Trafficking?

Controlled substances include cannabis, heroin, fentanyl, amphetamine, cocaine, and dozens more. When sold or purchased in large amounts, the offender can be charged with trafficking, which is a much greater charge than possession or possession with intent to sell. Drug trafficking comprises all aspects of a narcotics from getting between Point A and Point B; as such, you can be charged with trafficking if you were allegedly involved with any of the following steps:

  • Selling
  • Purchasing
  • Delivering
  • Transporting
  • Manufacturing
  • Possessing

Florida State Penalties for Drug Trafficking

The penalties you face for drug trafficking depend on the quantity and type of controlled substance in question, as well as prior convictions. For example, the mandatory minimum prison sentence for trafficking the highest quantity of cannabis under Florida state statute 893.135 (10,000 pounds or more), is 15 years in prison and a fine of $200,000. When it comes to trafficking the maximum punishable trafficking offense of oxycodone (30 kilograms or more), the mandatory minimum prison sentence is much higher: life in prison.

Fighting Drug Trafficking Offenses

Our Boca Raton drug trafficking defense lawyers have an intimate knowledge of all state and federal trafficking laws. We have a keen eye for spotting flaws in the prosecution’s case, such as illegal search and seizure, procedural errors, and inconsistencies in evidence. We have successfully handled all types of drug trafficking offenses for our clients and won. We are confident that we can deliver the best possible outcome in your case as well.

Call a Boca Raton Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer Today

Drug trafficking is one of the most serious non-violent crimes in Florida. It carries the potential for years or decades behind bars, and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. You need a criminal defense lawyer who has the resources and experience to keep you out of prison or minimize the jail time or charges you face. The Boca Raton drug trafficking defense lawyer at Haber | Blank LLP will provide the highest degree of criminal defense possible. Do not put your life in the hands of a sub-par law firm. Call us today at 954-767-0300 to schedule a free consultation.