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Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer / Blog / Criminal Defense / Should I Consider a Mock Trial for Criminal Charges in Fort Lauderdale?

Should I Consider a Mock Trial for Criminal Charges in Fort Lauderdale?


When facing criminal charges in Fort Lauderdale, it’s important to consider every possible strategy that might give you an advantage. One option is a mock trial or mock jury. This technique helps you get a sense of how average people, like those potentially serving as jurors in your case, will react to your situation. It also helps you prepare for the various steps of a criminal trial – especially witness testimony and cross-examination.

What Is a Mock Trial in Florida? 

A mock trial is exactly what it sounds like. You can think of a mock trial as a “practice run.” Your criminal defense attorneys will do their best to recreate the features of a real trial. In doing so, they can test out various techniques and help you prepare for the “real deal.”

An important aspect of a mock trial is the selection of a mock jury. These will be average, run-of-the-mill Fort Lauderdale residents. They may represent the general demographics of the community, and they may be chosen at random. A mock trial allows you to gather crucial data on how your peers react to your situation.

Testing the Waters 

Your lawyers may use mock juries to determine how you resonate with average people. Are you a likable individual? Do people tend to believe what you’re saying? Or do you come across as an untrustworthy person who has something to hide? Some people are naturally charismatic, while others make poor first impressions. It is important to be realistic about how the mock jury reacts to your testimony. If the jury reacts badly to you, it may be a good idea to “plead the Fifth” and avoid taking the stand.

Trying Multiple Strategies 

A series of mock trials can also help your lawyers test out different criminal defense strategies. For example, one strategy might revolve around an alibi. However, a completely different potential strategy might revolve around the argument of self-defense. You cannot try both of these strategies in a single trial, since they are mutually exclusive. Arguing self-defense negates your alibi, while it’s impossible to argue self-defense if you weren’t even at the scene of the alleged crime.

A series of two (or more) mock trials would allow your lawyers to test out both of these strategies to determine which one has the highest chance of success. Based on the data you gather (including a mock “verdict”), you can approach the real trial in the most efficient manner.

Mock Trials Are Expensive

 The cost of hiring mock jurors and running a mock trial can be expensive. Because of these restrictions, this strategy may only be viable for defendants who are able to pay higher legal fees. However, even someone with a moderate amount of money may decide that it’s worth investing in expensive strategies to ensure their freedom.

Find a Qualified Criminal Defense Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale 

Haber Blank, Attorneys at Law has spent years helping defendants face the most challenging criminal charges. If you face charges in Fort Lauderdale, it makes sense to consider every possible strategy – including mock trials. To learn more about various criminal defense strategies, book a consultation at your earliest convenience with our Fort Lauderdale homicide lawyers.




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