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Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer / Blog / Criminal Defense / Felons Face Serious Consequences for Firearm Possession in Florida

Felons Face Serious Consequences for Firearm Possession in Florida


Although incarceration and fines represent the most obvious consequences associated with felonies, convicts may also lose certain rights after convictions. A felon cannot possess a firearm in the State of Florida, and any attempts to obtain a firearm may result in serious penalties. A number of felons have faced these penalties within the past few days across Florida – highlighting the serious nature of this offense.

Felon Faces Life in Prison for Firearms Possession 

On November 21st of 2023, the Justice Department announced that a felon had pleaded guilty to “possession of a firearm affecting commerce.” He had committed 20 felonies in the past, and the Justice Department stated in its press release that a life sentence was possible for this latest firearm offense. The mandatory minimum for possession of a firearm affecting commerce is 15 years.

Possession of firearms affecting commerce involves taking ownership of a firearm involved in interstate transport. The transport itself does not need to be unlawful, but the defendant must have moved the firearm across state lines “knowingly” to result in a conviction.

Felon Faces Six Years for Firearms Possession 

On November 30th, the Justice Department announced that a felon had been sentenced to about 6.5 years in prison for possessing a Glock pistol and 9mm ammunition. He previously pleaded guilty to the offense. The firearm was recovered when the defendant fled from a traffic stop, eventually exiting the vehicle and running away on foot. During this chase, the defendant apparently threw the firearm in question over his shoulder. Police found the weapon, and the authorities ultimately determined that the felon was prohibited from owning any firearms.

Illegal Alien with Prior Felony Indicted for Firearm Possession 

On November 29th of 2023, the Justice Department announced that a felon had been convicted of possessing a firearm. Not only was it illegal for him to own a firearm as a felon, but it was also illegal for him to own a firearm as an unlawful alien. He had previously been deported from the country after a conviction for breaking and entering. The combination of these factors may lead to a prison sentence of up to 25 years.

Many Factors Can Affect Sentencing in Firearms Possession Cases 

These cases highlight the various factors that may be involved in firearms possession cases. In the first case, the felon had 20 previous convictions on his record and possessed a firearm affecting interstate commerce. In the second case, the sentencing was affected by the traffic stop and the decision of the defendant to flee. In the third case, the defendant’s legal status in the country complicated and heightened potential penalties.

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Defense Attorney in Fort Lauderdale? 

If you have been accused of possessing a firearm as a felon, it makes sense to get in touch with a qualified, experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. With help from Haber Blank, LLP, you can explore various defense strategies that may be effective. While internet research is a positive first step, a consultation with an attorney can provide more targeted guidance based on your unique situation. Reach out today to get started.





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