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Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer / Blog / General / Consequences of Theft as a Waitress in Fort Lauderdale

Consequences of Theft as a Waitress in Fort Lauderdale


Working as a waitress is not an easy job in Fort Lauderdale, and many of these hardworking individuals rely heavily on unpredictable tips in order to pay their bills. However, tips are becoming less and less reliable in 2024 – with numerous Americans getting “tired” of tipping culture in an uncertain economy with high inflation. Faced with these pressures, some waitresses choose to steal at work. But what are the consequences of such crimes in Fort Lauderdale?

Waitress Creates Complex System to Steal from Diners 

On January 4th of 2024, it was reported that a waitress in Fort Lauderdale had created an LLC to streamline fraudulent transactions using customer credit cards. Initially, the waitress was fired from her job at a restaurant when she received numerous complaints over “unauthorized charges.” Apparently, she used a Square payment device to “tap” credit cards provided to her by diners. Although they assumed she was merely charging them for their meals, she was really siphoning away funds into an LLC she had created specifically for the endeavor.

After an investigation, police determined that she had stolen over $4,000 during just four days in June. One customer was charged $2,500 after he had paid for a single meal. The customers contacted their credit card companies and were reimbursed. However, these credit card companies seem to have looked into the issue themselves, eventually identifying the culprit.

As a result of these actions, the waitress faces numerous criminal charges. These include two counts of third-degree grand theft, credit card fraud, and identity theft. Each count of third-degree grand theft carries a penalty of up to five years in prison – meaning that this waitress could spend over a decade in prison for these offenses.

What if I Steal from My Employer? 

Stealing from customers is one thing, but what happens if you steal from your employer as a waitress? For example, you might take money from a tip jar meant for the rest of the staff – or take cash directly out of the register.

In Florida, this will be prosecuted as either grand theft or petit theft, depending on the amount taken. If you simply take a handful of bills worth less than $100, you will likely face a misdemeanor. If you take more than $100, you could face felony charges. More serious felonies are unlikely, since most restaurants do not hold much cash at any given time. Another related consequence is that you will almost certainly lose your job.

Find a Qualified Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Lauderdale 

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